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Initial Dialogue - Project Definition


At the outset, we engage in a rich dialogue: an exchange of ideas and dreams with the client. Here, beyond setting practical parameters, we strive to capture the true essence of what will be created. It's a time of active listening, where aspirations meet reality, weaving the beginning of something that transcends the tangible.


Site Evaluation - Introspection of the Place


Each place has its unique soul. In evaluating a space, whether pre-existing or yet to be shaped, we fully immerse ourselves in its atmosphere. We understand its interaction with the surroundings, the play of light and shadow, and the impact on the community. Here, each observation is a step towards perfect harmony between the new creation and the world around it.


Project Conception - Gestation of the Concept


In this stage, our ideas are carefully shaped by interaction with the site and dialogue with the client. The sketches become tangible reflections, with each stroke seeking to resonate with the project's soul. This process is a delicate dance, focused on creating spaces that communicate with the senses and the spirit.


Licensing - Path to Approval


The journey to approval is one of collaboration and deep understanding. Here, every detail is thoughtfully considered not just to meet technical requirements, but to tell a story, enriching the dialogue between the project and its context. This phase balances artistic vision with practical reality, touching both the heart and mind.


Technical Elaboration - Detailed Technical Planning


In the technical phase, vision meets materiality. Here, each element is chosen not just for its function, but for its contribution to the whole. We detail every technical aspect of the project, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Collaboration with specialized consultants is vital, allowing for precise cost analysis and project enhancement. This phase is an orchestration of details, where the art of architecture joins the precision of construction.


Construction Phase - The Art of Construction


In the construction phase, the dream becomes reality. Our supervision ensures that the project's details are faithfully respected, reflecting the original design's integrity. This oversight guarantees the protection of the client's interests, resulting in an architecture that transcends physical space, creating an immersive and harmonious experience for the client and community. In this phase, architecture elevates beyond mere construction to become a living experience, a place that not only exists but breathes and interacts with those who inhabit it.


Tiago Andre L. D. Santos

M.Architect _ ORSRS

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