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NOTARIAL CARTÓRIO - SINTRA - 2005 - Project of offices for a Notary Office in the historic village of Sintra

PARAFARMÁCIA - RIO DE MOURO - 2008 - Commercial project for a store selling natural health products 

ATELIER BICA - LISBOA - 2009 - Project for the conversion of a store into an architecture studio on the old Rua do Elevador da Bica

HOUSE IN SINTRA - SINTRA - 2013 - Restoration project and joining two houses in Sintra to create single-family housing

MONTE ALENTEJANO - SANTIAGO DO CAÇÉM - 2013 - Restoration project for Monte Alentejano near Lagoa de Santo André

MICRO ECO RESORT - SANTIAGO DO CAÇÉM - 2015/2021 - Project for the conversion of ruins and biological pool for tourism

CASA SÃO PEDRO - SINTRA - 2021 - Loft conversion project in the historic area of Sintra

CUBE PROJECT MANAGEMENT - 2021 - Consultancy and preliminary studies for logistical distribution pavilions


TERRAPALHA (Arq. Catarina Pinto ) - SINTRA - 2015/2016 

GLAMPING PARK - Preleminal study of a campsite

TAMERA - Bungalow project with walls in straw bales in BIM (Building Information Model)

TAMERA - Preliminary study of the conversion of an urban building into a school

CASA MAYA BOOG - Licensing project and execution of seasonal house restoration for Opera Singer

TERRAPALHA - Stairs / bookcase project for studio space / art gallery

ARCHI-TECTONICS (Arq. Winka Dubbledam) - NEW YORK - 2016/2017 

ROTTERDAM BLAAK - Preliminary buildings for residential skyscrapers in Rotterdam

EISEN PENTHOUSE - Study of conversion of a penthouse in an emblematic building in Manhattan

MANHATTAN LOFT - Licensing project and application of a Loft in downtown Manhattan

RESIDENTIAL VILLAGE - Tender project for the development of an ecological village in a former hospital complex on Staten Island

UNBUILT NEW YORK - Exhibition model, for a joint show at the Queens Museum

COUNTRYSIDE STUDIO - Preliminary study models for fashion designers in Upstate NY

CASA GALERIA BALDWIN - Project for an Art Gallery and housing in Chinatown, Los Angeles

GJP ARQUITECTOS (Arq. Pedro Agrela Neto Ferreira - Arq. Gonçalo Rangel de Lima - Arq. Jorge Matos Alves) - LISBOA - 2019/2020

PINHEIRO CHAGAS - Multi-residential building construction project

PALMARES RESORT - Support for the Golf Clubhouse licensing project, a project by RCR Arquitectes (2017 Pritzker Prize)

RUA POÇO DOS NEGROS - Project for licensing and restoration and conversion of an old gallery / palace in downtown Lisbon

PALMARES RESORT - Support for the tourist complex licensing project, a project by RCR Arquitectes (2017 Pritzker Prize)

GOLF DO MONTADO - Project licensing and execution of single-family housing in Golf Resort

PALMARES RESORT - Support for the licensing project for a set of single-family housing, a project by RCR Arquitectes (2017 Pritzker Prize)

OEIRAS GOLF & RESIDENCE - Project for licensing and construction of semi-detached houses in Golf Resort

VILLA IRIS - Project licensing and execution of multi-residential housing Jardim Miraflores in BIM (Building Information Model)

LOTUS LIVING - Preliminary multi-residential project Jardim Miraflores in BIM (Building Information Model)

TRAFA LOFTS - Preleminal study for residential building in Trafaria

VILA PESSOA - Preleminal study for semi-detached houses in Marvila

CALÇADA DO MONTE - Licensing and execution project, restoration of multi-residential housing in Graça

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